Dr. Laura utilizes a variety of techniques to determine any spinal subluxations. She is trained in drop table techniques as well as instrument based techniques, such as Ultralign!

In addition to Ultralign, Dr. Laura uses the Pierce Results System – formerly known as the Pierce-Stillwagon Technique.

The Pierce technique is a biomechanical analysis of spine kinematics (or spinal motion), utilizing “stress views” of the spine (flexion, extension, rotation, and/or lateral bending views where required) or videofluoroscopy (VF, or “moving x-ray” studies) to determine the loss of spinal function, which is at the core of the “vertebral subluxation complex”.

This system evolved from the earlier Pierce-Stillwagon technique (PST), which itself evolved from a core of chiropractic techniques, including Palmer HIO (Upper Cervical or Toggle Recoil Technique), Thompson, Logan Basic, and the Reaver system, with their reliance upon palpation, leg checks, and “pattern analysis” utilizing thermocouple (thermographic) instrumentation.

It is currently practiced using VF, the DT-25 for computerized thermogaphic assessment, hand and instrument adjusting, the Pierce 230 adjusting table, and also includes computer assisted adjusting instrumentation. Patient response to spinal adjusting is monitored with the use of the DT-25 or with Stillwagon’s Visi-therm for changes in the pattern analysis and improvements with the “Atlas fossa” temperature.

The Pierce Technique is an “analysis system”, it’s not just another way to adjust vertebra.
This technique utilizes a chiropractic drop table to allow for safer, low-force, high-velocity adjustments.

My entire heart and my “why” everyday has been to share the Chiropractic story for the past 24 years in life, in practice, and truly influence others to live a life of abundance and health because they were given the opportunity to be adjusted and educated about the wonderful world of Chiropractic, as well as the philosophy, science and art behind a specific adjustment.

In health,
Dr. Laura