The best approach to lifetime wellness care is to begin as early as possible with your first adjustment and maintain regular spinal check-ups. It is highly recommended to start with pregnancy care and to continue care throughout your child’s growing years and into their teenage years. Dr. Laura’s approach is to evaluate each individual patient’s needs and/or family’s needs, in order to partner with them to establish the best care plan for their optimal wellness and long-term health. She begins your care plan with a detailed case history, chiropractic exam and Ultralign scan of your spine to determine what the probable root cause of the problem may be versus standard pain management. For almost 3 decades our office has proven and immediate results, however, every practice member’s conditions are different and timing for results may vary. Our approach is unique because we offer hope, education, encouragement, state of the art technology and a commitment to seeing your health restored.

In addition to the cutting edge technology of the Ultralign, Dr. Laura uses the Artho-stim for many purposes (including KST – Koren Specific Technique), activator leg length checks, Thompson technique and the Pierce Results System – formerly known as the Pierce-Stillwagon Technique to help you achieve your highest results. Besides the Ultralign and Artho-stim instrument adjustments, Dr. Laura performs her manual adjustments utilizing the Pierce 230 hi-lo adjusting table to execute her upper cervical, Thompson and Pierce-Stillwagon techniques.

The Pierce technique is a biomechanical analysis of spine kinematics (or spinal motion), utilizing “stress views” of the spine (flexion, extension, rotation, and/or lateral bending views where required) or videofluoroscopy (VF, or “moving x-ray” studies) to determine the loss of spinal function, which is at the core of the “vertebral subluxation complex.”

This system evolved from the earlier Pierce-Stillwagon technique (PST), which itself evolved from a core of chiropractic techniques, including Palmer HIO (Upper Cervical or Toggle Recoil Technique), Thompson, Logan Basic, and the Reaver system, with their reliance upon palpation, leg checks, and “pattern analysis” utilizing thermocouple (thermographic) instrumentation along with the Ultralign technology.

The Pierce Technique is an “analysis system”, it’s not just another way to adjust vertebra.
This technique utilizes a chiropractic drop table to allow for safer, low-force, high-velocity adjustments.

We also offer mechanical traction on the Leander table, Electric Muscle Stim (EMS) and Class 3B Cold Laser Therapy and trigger point muscle therapy. Along with these therapies, we incorporate stretching exercises, nutritional support, supplementation and wellness education.

My entire heart and my “why” every day in life has been to share the Chiropractic story and to truly influence others to live a life of abundance and health because they were given the opportunity to be adjusted and educated about the wonderful world of Chiropractic, which includes the philosophy, science and art behind a specific adjustment.

In health,
Dr. Laura Millis-Hansen, D.C.