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With over 25 years of experience in the field, Dr. Laura Millis-Hansen has created a family oriented, wellness based practice. Not only does Dr. Laura strive to treat your issue at hand, but she also makes it her duty to listen, understand, and start you on your full body journey to optimal health using various, proven approaches. At A.D.I.O. Chiropractic, we understand your needs, which is why we do everything we can to accommodate your busy schedule by being one of the only night chiropractic clinics in the area!

Remember, it’s easier to stay well than it is to get well, so don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment today!

Aligning Wellness

We have established our family wellness practice that helps our practice members live optimally based on education, specific adjustments, nutritional care, and fitness goals. By adjusting our practice members spine and allowing the innate intelligence of their body to achieve state of the art results. These results are able to achieved by a computerized medical device, called the Ultralign instrument.

The Sigma Ultralign (Ultralign Adjuster) utilizes states of the art technology to scan the dermatomal levels of the spine to detect joint and nerve misalignment and correct your subluxations with absolute precision.

It's painless. It's immediate. And the results speak for themselves

Dr. Laura is proud to have served the central coast and to be on the cutting edge of world-wide chiropractic instrumentation technology for nearly three decades. In addition, our office continues to service our practice members with traditional chiropractic care utilizing modern drop-table equipment including the Zenith 230 table and Leander traction tables.

Let's make today the change you've been looking for! Our office staff and I look forward to helping you achieve your greatest health results. Please call our office at (805) 489-1326.

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I have always been skeptical of chiropractic medicine until I took my 18-month-old to Dr. Laura and he started walking after 5 adjustments! We probably were able to avoid having him go through traditional physical therapy because of her! She is the best!

Irene H.

OHHH my goodness I really could use one OR more of your adjusting's today Dr.Laura! It's really been way too long! My neck loved what you did for it....

Brandy M.

I call an adjustment from Dr. Laura my "attitude adjustment". I'd go in with a crummy attitude and come out with a sunny disposition!

Rochelle K.

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